Park Road Bread

Awake is the midst of a branding project with Park Road Bread – a Grimsby-based baker who uses a slow method of creating bread so that the taste is better and the texture of the crumb is more open than many other artisan bread and commercial bread companies. This is just the beginning of our work with him so there will be more posts to come.

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Attic's big day out.

Our friends at Attic Gold were armed with their new gold-foil business cards for their first event last week. They sent us pictures of the cards at work and we were pretty pleased to hear that they were being snatched up like hotcakes. And even more pleased to hear about their sales and leads that resulted from the day. We think their designs are stunning and we're glad the world gets to experience them now as well. If you're intrigued, contact them at Website to follow soon.

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Overheard #1

Overheard: Wellesley and Jarvis, Saturday July 11, 2015

Not only do we love this because it was shouted from diagonal corners of the intersection from two pedestrians to their friend on a bicycle, the repetition of the answer was gold. 

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Attic's awakening.

Our friends at Attic Gold create jewellery pieces that transcend trend or demographic. Their first public show is this weekend and they will be armed with their new business cards and postcards to complement their design offering. We wish them the best of luck but we know they're going to be very, very busy as soon as people see their work. 

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Baker's gonna bake.

Awake spent a lovely afternoon with a baker from Grimsby, getting a serious education about bread. Heavenly. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship!

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Getting a little Behance-y.

Our current site is just a placeholder while we get all of our case studies up to snuff. In the meantime, check out our new Behance page for an overview of our projects. Check out

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Upcoming book project

Awake is working on a photography book project that will be produced this summer. We're in the editing stage right now and had a great time doing a little cut and paste in order to finalize the edit. Thanks Embassy for providing just the right amount of tabletop space.

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We are AWAKE

This is the first of many Night Owls blog posts that share a collection of found items that inspire us as well as a glimpse into the projects that we're working on - both in progress and finished. Stay tuned for updates! – AWAKE

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