We are Awake.

And we stay up thinking about your brand so you don't have to.

Awake is a branding, graphic design & strategic marketing studio which focuses on business communications. Our commitment to developing and evolving your brand runs deep (and late) at every stage of the project.

Our structure is that of a creative collective so we are able to expand based on the scope of the project at hand with the help of our creative, strategic & digital connections. We 17+ years working in various agencies, our core team has plenty of talent ready to mobilize – talent that's worked on some of the best brands in the country and abroad. This allows us to be nimble and the result is that you don't incur the costs of a large agency.

We are night owls.

Let us be the night owls of your brand so you can sleep soundly.
Say hello at And visit our new Behance page for a more complete overview of our work:

We are your night light.

We love what we do and are driven to put that passion into every element of your brand that we touch.

Annual reports
Book design
Brand guidelines
Environmental design & wayfaring
Events & exhibitions
Promotional elements
Stationery systems
Visual identity programs
Websites & full digital programs